Background image courtesy of Flickr, Photographer Walker Dukes, Quote from The Wizard of Oz, Layered together by @YellowItsMe with #AdobePhotoshop

Welcome to Yellow, It’s Me.

I have traveled dirt roads, sauntered on gravel sidewalks, paraded down a hot pink runway,  traipsed city streets and cobblestone roads, hiked mountainous trails, bushwhacked through the forest, climbed the crumbling Great Wall of China, strolled lazily on beaches, crossed rivers, learned how to walk again in Physical Therapy rooms, and run barefoot across the grass.  It took me about thirty years to grasp and then appreciate that I had the power within me the entire time, to persevere, set my stride, and to accomplish whatever journey my life was taking. Come on along for the adventure.


Wind blowing me off the helipad at Zinas Villas in Mykonos (I’m ready to go back!!!)

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  1. You always have the power to do what your heart says. Always follow what you feel and leave behind others that dont agree. You need to be happy. Be the person you wish to be and smile for it.just need to believe in one self and follow your road of wonder. 🌈🌟 follow your dreams

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