Yellow Hello

Welcome to my bright slice of the internet, where you can join me on adventures, mishaps, and ridiculousness that I tend to find myself in. I have lost count of the times I have been told, “you cannot make this shit up,” about situations that have occurred to me … or the times I have whispered it to myself. However, no matter what has happened (Anaphylaxis?  Hangry? Made a bad choice?) I make it a point to TRY to remain positive. #progressnotperfection baby!


Writing has always been my jam. Words come easily to me and flow from my brain to hand, sometimes I even white girl rap them out loud. I was recognized as an “excellent” writer in Elementary School and I maintained that lovely honor throughout my public school education. I loved reading and writing; even class notes, thank you cards, lists. Anything where I could express myself, that’s where you would find me and my pen.

I extended my college stay (room and board, experiences in a city, friends, parties…yes, it is a vacation!) to study writing. I worked my brain and hands off to earn my M.A. in Writing Studies. Note: Graduation School is not a vacation.

Journals, notebooks, and sketchbooks are filled with my perspective, but I know what a procrastinator I can be without an audience! I do love entertaining people! This blog seems more my medium than imagining myself developing a novel, memoir, play…but if I have learned anything in life, it is, “never say never!” (Thanks, Dad!)

You will love this blog if you want to learn about some crappy situations that are a part life and how I successfully endured them with positive thinking, radical acceptance, or forgiveness.  You will appreciate this blog if you want to learn about how I have applied the growth mindset to my life. You may not always like what I write but you will laugh, roll your eyes, snort, get angry, and maybe even learn something if you do read it. Being me has been a learning curve! It has been 32 years of progress, not perfection, and I am proud of where I am. Regardless, the procrastinator in me is super happy I finally wrote this.

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