Adele? In a Raincoat?

When the website name came to me, I shot the idea off to a few of my trusted friends. One being Julie; my BFF, one of my Hawkmates, and a practiced blogger. Julie is honest with me, transparent to the core. When she is about to tell me something that I am not going to want to hear; her eyes get smaller as her nose shrivels up, and she says it. It’s okay, I need to hear it and appreciate her candor.  When she is excited to talk to me, her eyes beam with energy, her smile widens across her face; it’s contagious! Now, this type of communication is much more fun. I did not receive either of these when I told her about my idea…because I texted her. What I did get was far better!

Texting. Julie HATES texting. Most likely because the person on the other type of the phone cannot see her awesome facial expressions. Or, because, like she has told me a thousand times, and this is one of the reasons she is so awesome, she truly wants to be distraction free and connected with the person she is chatting with – so Facetime and Skype are best. Not multitasking? What a thought! Sometimes this Julie-ism is super hard for me to follow along with, so, I know if I am intriguing, she will reply. (Well played, Emily).



I laughed, a lot, at her logical, literal interpretation. Admittedly, I laughed too much.

Adele is incredible. Yellow raincoats are awesome. If that is what brings you here to read what I say, GREAT!

Alas, my simple explanation is, yellow is my favorite color. It is cheerful; it reminds me of the sun, bright days, the thick neon highlighters that hurt your eyes, raincoats! school, smiley faces, and fluffy baby chicks. So you get, Now reverse that last part, Yellow, It’s Em. Coincidence or calculated?

As for Julie, I texted her on Monday. Oops.  It took many painful hours to hear back (in case you were wondering about my feelings!) But she needed to know that I made her vision come true.


So, Adele in a Raincoat, is probably singing, “Yellow, it’s Me, I would love to guest blog for Emily…”

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